June 2007:          Ken's Artist Reception at Night Gallery Ceramics, Santa Ana was featured
   in the June 2007 edition of Art Business News in the "Portrait Gallery".

July 2006:    Ken's solo Artist Reception at Pop Gallery, Walt Disney World was featured
   in the July 2006 edition of Art Business News in the "Portrait Gallery".

12/7/05:Radio interview on Art Rocks!  wsRadio.com- "What Do                                                       Rembrandt, David Bowie, and Frank Sinatra have in Common? 
    Ken Aldridge!". 

11/25/05:      Feature article, "Visually speaking, music inspires"  in The Star News by
                            News Correspondent Brooke Binkowski.

11/24/05:              Live appearance on Fox 6 news. Ken was interviewed by Desiree Carvajal
    & 5 of his pieces were featured to promote the San Diego Arts Festival

11/20/05:      The San Diego Union-Tribune: Ken was featured to promote the San Diego Arts

11/01/05:              Ken's painting titled "Elvis 1956" is featured in the "Originals" section of the                                         November issue of Art Business News Magazine.

5/15/05: Ken was interviewed & featured live from the Northpark Spring Festival on the 
    morning edition of KUSI News.  Reporter Rafer Weigel reported "This is some 
    of the greatest stuff I've ever seen!" 

Feb 2005:     Ken's "Windy Day in Paris" and "Agile Rabbit" were featured in Art Business News                              Magazine in the "New Editions" section.