Have you or anyone you know ever wanted to create a painting on a seriously different type of canvas? A canvas, that just by it's shape alone, has a deep meaning even before a single dab of paint has been applied. That's what I was looking for when I decided to create a frame onto which I could stretch high quality, primed canvas. That's when the Coffin Canvas was born. 

Each Coffin Canvas is hand made by me for you. I am currently offering these in two different sizes but would be open to suggestion if you had a need for a special project. Producing a  Coffin Canvas takes three to four days and is crafted from the highest quality stretcher bars and primed canvas which is appropriate for any type of paint application. If you would like to view examples of some completed paintings of mine on this canvas, please click on the "Symbolism Gallery" button to the left.

If you really want to take your art to another level, these are the perfect canvas for you. These cannot be found anywhere else. Trust me! I looked everywhere.

Small Coffin Canvas 15" x 35"
Large Coffin Canvas 20" x 52"
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$90. plus S & H
$150. plus S & H